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          Alison Glass is an artist living in Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son. She is inspired by the multitude of details in the world, both natural and those made by artisans, particularly in items or ideas with personal meaning. Alison is passionate about concepts of making choices that are consistent with who a person is, being increasingly comfortable with ambiguity, and fostering meaningful connections with others.

          Aspiring to create a career for herself, Alison started a design business in 2007 focusing on space remodels and custom home decor pieces. Her love of color and shape and the combination of the two eventually lead to her making the decision to step back from the local design business and work toward her goal of creating artwork for surfaces. She is thankful for the opportunity to design fabric for Andover and work with other companies in the sewing industry. In addition to designing fabric, Alison produces a line of sewing patterns as well as a growing range of other products.

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          Showing 1–12 of 50 results

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