Mercury’s Creative Crates FAQ

  • What are Mercury’s Creative Crates?

Mercury’s Creative Crates is a monthly box program designed to inspire creativity and get your Sew-jo flowing. Every month we will curate 3 unique box types filled with fun fabrics, interesting patterns, useful notions, and nifty-gifty’s we think you’ll enjoy!

  • What are the different boxes?

The Mars Stash Box is a fantastic way to fortify your stash! Every month the Mars Box will contain AT LEAST 3 yards of fabric in some form. The Mars Stash Box contains only fabric – no extra patterns or notions you don’t need or want.

The Venus Bag Box will contain a different purse, bag, or wallet pattern plus the essentials you need for that project. That includes enough fabric to complete the bag, all the hardware, any zippers, plus a coordinating spool of thread! You will also receive a few handy notions to make your sewing experience a little easier.

The Jupiter Quilt Box is a great way to get excited about a new quilt! Every month the Jupiter Quilt Box will contain a different quilt pattern plus some fabrics to get you started on that project. Note that this box is NOT a quilt kit. It is intended to inspire you while giving you the space to create something totally unique! You will also receive 1 – 2 spools of thread, some new notions to make your quilting experience a little easier, and a few fun goodies!

  • Do I need to subscribe to get these boxes each month?

No, these are not subscription-based. We wanted to give you the freedom to choose which boxes you want each month without feeling locked in.

  • Will we know what is in the box each month?

Yes! Each new box will contain different fabrics, patterns, notions, and goodies which you will be able to see a month in advance.

  • Are all the boxes the same?

Each type of box (Mars Stash Box, Venus Bag Box, and Jupiter Quilt Box) will contain the same fabrics, patterns, tools, and gifts for that month. However, if you buy a Mars Stash Box and a Venus Bag Box you will get completely different materials.

  • I already have an item included in one of the boxes? Can I swap it for something else?

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow any returns or exchanges of any fabrics, patterns, notions, or tools included in the boxes.

  • Can I order a box for someone else?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! Just enter the recipient’s name and address during checkout. If you decide to purchase boxes for yourself as well as a friend, please place separate orders for each person. That way we can make sure we ship the boxes to the correct addresses.

  • When will my boxes ship?

Boxes begin shipping the third week of the prior month but will remain available for purchase until the end of that box’s designated month. For example, you can order July boxes all through June and July, and your boxes will ship out after the 21st of June.

  •  How much is shipping?

Shipping charges will be the same as all our other products. US orders below $99 ship for a flat $7.00. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery FAQ for international rates.

For further questions, please contact us directly: call (860) 237-9048, email [email protected], or use the form on the Contact Us page. As always, thank you for your continued business!

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