Linework Sketchy in Paper

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Designed by Tula Pink for FreeSpirit Fabrics, this printed cotton fabric is from the Linework collection.

Linework Sketchy in Paper features lemurs, skunks, pandas, and more tossed across a soft white background with a graph paper design. Sketchy is literally Tula Pink’s thought process on cloth with her notes and ideas printed directly within the design. It’s like a peek behind the veil; like a tour of her mind while creating the fabrics we’ve come to love.

While predominately black and white, in true Tula fashion each focus print in Linework has pops of background colors pulled directly from her True Colors collection. Each color repeats at least twice from selvage to selvage. This means every fat quarter will contain a full spectrum of color! In addition to the six main focal prints, this collection also boasts black and white versions of a few True Colors prints. It is all designed to go together, each providing what the other needs. Linework Sketchy in Paper

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