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Designed by Tula Pink for FreeSpirit Fabrics, this printed cotton fabric is from the Roar! collection.

The Roar 10″ Layer Cake contains 42 10″ squares of fabric with some prints duplicated.

Roar! is a whimsical take on fancy dinosaurs for those of us who keep one foot firmly planted in fantasy. This pre-historic landscape is drenched in details and color. Here you will find a sophisticated T-Rex in a topiary, A Triceratops out for a stroll on a windy parkway path, happy little hidden Raptors in a dainty damask, and Pterodactyls taking time to smell the flowers. It’s just your average lazy afternoon in the garden with the giants of Earth’s history.

The Roar 10″ Layer Cake is not only perfect for quilting, but also for making bags, apparel, and craft projects!

PREORDER – Roar! 10″ Layer Cake is a PRE-ORDER due to ship in April/May 2024

FreeSpirit Fabrics has estimated this fabric to begin shipping from the manufacturer in April 2024. We cannot guarantee ship dates for pre-orders, as they are subject to change depending on FreeSpirit Fabrics. Upon receiving the fabric in our shop, all pre-orders will ship within 48 hours.

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